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Buy at http://www.shop.sandrafalga.com it is very simple.

Choose the type of product you want by clicking above. Find the model you want and once selected, you will see the full range available, with prices including VAT. Once you have decided on the specific product by clicking the "buy" will appear again the product, unit price, and where you can specify number of units you want. You can add as many products you want to purchase by going back to the brand that interests you. You can also delete a selected product by clicking on the trash can on the right of each reference. Each time you add or delete a product, calculate the subtotal re purchase. Depending on the method of payment and amount of purchase plus supplements could be added to the price subtotal indicated.

When you are sure you want to buy, click "next".

If you are already a customer, enter your e-mail and password. If you do not click "New Customer", where you must fill out a simple form with your personal data.

Once you have identified, it will return the details of your order: the delivery address and payment method of choice. For more information go to "payment" under the "service" of the home page.

The last step is to validate the order. WARNING: If the order valid, you can no longer cancel or modify it. At any time before it can be, used the "back" button of the browser, or clicking on the "shopping" link on the top right corner.

Payment / Prices

At http://www.shop.sandrafalga.com you can pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

If you choose as a Credit Card or Paypal payment the among of your order will be reserved on your account until the time of your conformation, once your order will be confirmed, we will send you by  Postal Mail to your address. You can track your order from your registered account.

All prices displayed include VAT.  Delivery and cash on delivery fees are additional costs. 

The delivery costs are aligned with the value of the order.

Prices are valid at the time of ordering. The validity period of limited offers can be viewed in the shop where they appear.

You can find further information concerning payment methods here.

The sale or propagation of voucher codes and links is strictly prohibited.

Secure payment

Secure payment through Cyberpack of La Caixa or PayPal. POS stands for Point of Sale. It has been in this denomination encompassing several programs and technologies that help in the area of ​​a retail business.
Examples of these technologies are the virtual POS provided by some banks that allow remote loading and safe handling of transactions or programs that help bring all sales management. In our store card payments are made via secure credit card payment Cyberpack La Caixa or PayPal.

Guarantee of originality

All our products are original, have been acquired within the European Economic Area and are therefore free transit in the economic market. None of our products has been modified or repaired in accordance with current legislation marks.
The publication or sale of codes and promotional links is prohibited.
Upon receipt of the merchandise, no returns. You can contact us.


In order to maximize your shopping experience, all products on display in our shop are available to purchase at that time. As soon as the last product in a certain size has been sold, it will no longer appear as available in this size. Order now so that you don't miss out on the articles that you desire!


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Upon receipt of the merchandise, no returns. You can contact us.

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